Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Strasbourg Latest Anti-Globalization Battleground

Armed with slingshots, whistles, and placards, thousands of workers from across Europe descended on Strasbourg-- one of the EU's nerve centers -- on Jan. 16 in the latest battle against the corporate-friendly form of globalization. Police were out in force and fired water cannons and tear gas to hold back the workers who were eager to break a cordon around the headquarters of the European parliament, where European lawmakers with little if any standing among the people they 'represent' were mulling a measure to 'liberalize' services across Europe. At the same time, dock workers in Antwerp, Rotterdam, Le Havre and other ports walked off the job, shutting down shipping operations across Europe. The law under question is supposed to introduce a dose of competition that unions fear will lead to job losses and the race-to-the-bottom deterioration of wages. On the BBC on Tuesday, a shill for European business interests, laid out their line, saying Europe is "afraid of globalization" and change. To prove change is good for you, he pointed out that phone liberalization on the continent led to more choice for consumers at a lower price. say what you want, it's hard not to respect people willing to fight for their rights and not roll over to the man.....

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