Friday, January 13, 2006

CIA Camps In Europe

The first inklings of evidence backing claims the CIA had run, or is running secret torture...err, interogation facilities in eastern European has come to light, thanks to Switzerland's SonntagsBlick newspaper. Writing on January 10, the paper says the CIA held 23 people in a secret prison in Romania and maintained similar detention facilities in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Macedonia and Kosovo. It said these allegations were contained in an Egyptian government fax obtained by Swiss Security services. I myself was a little surprised to see just how wide the CIA web is. At the same time, the lead sleuth for a European investigation into the allegations had some choice words for the European elite. Dick Marty, of the Council of Europe, Europe's venerable democracy watchdog, chided them for "turning a blind eye to the dirty work of the CIA. He didn't pull punches either when addressing the Busheviks. Quoted by the BBC, he said: Washington's policy "respects neither human rights nor the Geneva Conventions." Ouch! Marty makes a good point, saying it's highly unlikely European spooks couldn't have not known what was happening on their territory, given the CIA's busywork. "It's not possible to transport people from one place to another in such a manner without the secret services knowing about it," he said. Stay tuned.

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Gary said...

"Not in my backyard" The US is probably now avoiding controversy by using non-stop flights to North Africa for rendition. That eliminates pressure from locals around the world.The CIA was used for rendition to be secret, using civilian planes. If that cover is broken, it is a simple matter to use military planes under the companion agency Joint Special Operations Command.
Premier Executive Transport Services has a Boeing 737. Alameda Corporation has an MD82, and there are many other sources for CIA civilian planes to travel from the US to, say, Casablanca, non- stop. Lockheed Martin had a contract for a series of P-3 Orion ABSA (Advanced Base Support Aircraft) with a range of 6,000 miles, supposedly cancelled. That is a flight from Johnson County so anywhere.