Thursday, January 12, 2006

Calling Inspector Clouseau

Here's a dozy from the AP wire. The U.S. army launched an investigation into abuse charges made by an Iraqi detainee who claimed U.S. soldiers kicked and punched him, plunked him naked in front of an air conditioner, put a bag over his head and time-to-time poured water over the bag. Sounds like basic Abu Ghraib hijink. The army came, investigated and found the claims to be groundless. There is a teansy weansy problem. Seems our super sleuths at the Army never once talked to any of the American soldiers involved in the capture or interrogation of the Iraqi in question. How 'bout records of the interrogation? Army didn't look at them either. But the Army is equipped with an excuse on this one: computer malfunction meant the records were lost. How convienient. Makes me wanna go out and get a new "Support the Troops" sticker for my 4X4!

"Never has there been a good war or a bad peace." —Benjamin Franklin

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