Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Important Than Politics

I thought I'd be greeting my friend Tim on Friday morning when he came in to take over for me at work. Like the millions of times before, we'd rag about work and talk about getting together for a beer when I could catch up on things, see how repairs at his new home were going, how Xmas back in Texas went, ecetera. Just the normal stuff that makes up most of what passes for the lives we live. But Tim didn't come in that Friday. He won't be coming to work ever again. He had enough of this life. Now he's gone. One moment you're thinking about shooting the shit with an ol' pal, the next you're pondering something you never thought you'd ever have to think about: why a friend took his life. Whatever drove him to do it, I'll never know and, at this point, does it really matter? When he was still here, I didn't/couldn't? do anything. It still hasn't really sunk in. Part of me still expects him to walk through the doors any moment. He's more in my thoughts now than when he was alive. Politics, sports all that ambient noise just means nothing. My wife means more. My family, my friends matter more. I miss you Tim. You're in a better place now. Peace be with you.

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