Monday, March 19, 2007

Poland Wants To Do Away With Homosexual 'Propaganda' In Schools

As if things couldn't get weirder in Poland, they do. As the CEEI has been reporting off and on, the kooky goings-on in the People's Christian Republic of Poland have offered many a laugh. This one is truly bizarre. It seems the country's Education Ministry has introduced legislation that would outlaw "homosexual culture" from being taught in the classroom. What exactly homosexual culture is is never spelled out, but it seems to mean any information about AIDS and lessons telling kids to be tolerant of homosexuals. Deputy Education Minister Miroslaw Orzechowski, sounding ever so reasonable, said "there is no place for the promotion of homosexual culture" in Polish schools. Roman Giertych, his boss and leader of the right-wing League of Polish Families has offered the following wisdom" "one must limit homosexual propaganda so that children won't have an improper vew of family." Making things scarier is the fact this wacko party is a junior partner in the three-party coalition led by Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski's ultra-conservative Law and Justice party. As readers of the CEEI know, ol Jaroslaw and his brother Lech are top dogs in Poland, with Lech picking up the presidential duties. Both look alike and think alike, too. So it's not surprising that President Lech said the following on homosexuality: "If that kind of approach to sexual life were to be promoted on a grand scale, the human race would disappear." Human Rights Watch has chimed in with a condemnation on the proposed legislation, you can look at a press release here. HRW notes The proposed homophobic legislation follows a series of recent threats and abuses against lesbian and gay Poles by state officials. In June, the State Prosecutor’s office issued a letter to prosecutors in the municipalities of Legnica, Wroclaw, Walbryzch, Opole and Jelenia Gora ordering in sweeping terms investigations into the conduct of “homosexuals” on unspecified allegations of “pedophilia.”

Never boring in Poland