Thursday, April 21, 2005

Time Out

Argh, when Ann Coulter is considered worthy of a 6,000-word cover-page profile for her, ahem, contributions to the public discourse, you know we're in trouble. I kinda feel sorry for the hack who penned the thing, taking lots of flack, rightly so, for fawning all over that .... lady. Hey Time's had Hitler and Stalin on their cover, so why not Coulter, he offered. Boy, with that measuring stick, anyone and everyone could hope to get their puss on the front page of that rag. While I'm ranting on Time, what's with this 100 top personalities? Didn't really look at it too closely, but it seems very Americo-centric. It mentions sports figures, like this basketball player, LeBron James, as one of its influentials. No David Beckham, no Ronaldinho, no soccer players at all, and this the world's top sport. Time, we all know American is the World Empire, but sheesh, give the rest of the world a little recognition.

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