Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Here We Go Again

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has shown our prez some dirty pictures. Seems Israeli intelligence has pix of Iranian nuclear installations, which are up to no good, or so the neo-cons and the Likudites tell us. Are the Iranians developing nukes? Well, the UN nuclear watchdog says it has no evidence of that. Would the Iranians want them? Sure, why not, Israel's got 'em. Oops, wait that's never been verified, for you see, the Israelis wont tell us. Actually one of 'em did, they locked him up in isolation for decades for that little transgression. So, here we are again, unconfirmed reports of an enemy state having or close-to-having those everywhere but nowhere weapons of mass destruction. The gears of the propaganda machine are now grinding away. Mr. Sharon spooks an American audience on CNN about Iran's alleged apocalyptic intentions, sow a little fear in the people whose sons and daughters will eventually be sent to do the heavy lifting for empire and our chosen-one friends in the Middle East. The only glimmer of hope that more needless killing won't occur is the situation in Iraq. Even the mighty US military machine would be stretched 'pacifying' in both Iraq and Iran. On the other hand, the stakes are high. As Michael T. Klare points out in a must-read piece on, Iran has the "second-largest pool of untapped petroleum in the world." And as those of you filling up at the pumps these days know, prices are rising for this commodity. But, don't expect the press poodles to suggest any military attack on Iran would be over oil. You see that's the talk of that fringe, freak set, on the periphery of the internet. Whatever it's about, don't be surprised if it comes.....

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