Friday, May 13, 2011

American F-16 Fighter Jets To Poland?

U.S. Air Force F-16C Block 40 over Iraq, 2008Image via WikipediaAmerica's military footprint could become more robust soon in eastern Europe, further unbalancing the military balance of power with Russia, and sure to more than irritate Moscow.  According to Polish media, the U.S. military could station more than a dozen F-16 warplanes on Polish soil, a first for the United States in former Warsaw Pact territory.  The agreement, according to the Poles, should be sealed when U.S. President Barack Obama visits Poland on May 27-28.  Moscow has threatened to take counter-measures if the Americans go through with the plan. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kosovo Albanian Organ Trafficking: Who Is Yusuf Somnez?

In early January, a Turkish doctor walked free from from detention in his land of birth.  Yusuf Somnez had been accused of organ trafficking, and an international arrest warrant was hanging over his head.  Though little ink has been spilled in the Western media on this Turkish doctor, in legal circles he is well known.  Somnez is suspected of being a major player in the murky international trade in human organs.  His ties to Kosovo, and a clinic there, Medicus, however, make it clear the charges that Kosovo Albanians were involved in slicing and dicing Serbs before trading them on the international market is much more than "Serb propaganda" as the Kosovo Albanians contend.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Evidence Of Kosovo Organ Trafficking Mount

It was party time in Kosovo this week as this quasi-country celebrated three years since the day it unilaterally declared its independence from Serbia.  But do Kosovo's ethnic Albanians have much to celebrate?  Unemployment is up in the stratosphere at about 40 percent.  Whatever economy exists is dependent on the IV of international aid, which keeps the so-called statelet financially feasible.  Amid all the economic gloom, Kosovo Albanians have had to deal with irritating reports their leadership was/is up to their elbows in organized crime and the gruesome trade in human organs.  And as the evidence mounts, the question is when will the West be forced to rein in their Kosovo quislings?