Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bosnia Gets NATO Roadmap

The NATO leviathan wants more prey, and the elites in Bosnia are offering their fractured, internationally supervised state, on the military tray.  At a NATO foreign ministers meeting in Tallinn, Bosnia had the honor of being issued the dazzlingly named Membership Action Plan, or MAP, which spells out the dos and don'ts to joining the globe's preeminent war machine.  Amid a period of warming relations with Russia, NATO is doing its darnedest to piqued Russian paranoia.  Croatia and Albania were lassoed into NATO last year.  Montenegro got its own MAP back in December.  If the statelet of Montenegro and the basket case of Bosnia join, NATO jumps to 30 members. 

Bosnia filed for a MAP back in October.  But NATO rejected them for failing to meet certain criteria.

Montenegro, however, was issued a MAP.  What criteria Montenegro meets is a mystery.  

It's better known as the center of Europe's cigarette smuggling trade as reported here.

Montenegro, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, is quite a bit of work.

But, surprise, surprise, Bosnia has made just enough progress now to get the MAP. 

What did they do?

Well, a NATO spokesman said they swept up some loose guns and bullets, and trashed them.

There was something else as well.

Oh yeah, Bosnia will send troops to Afghanistan. 

Actually, that was a condition NATO set for Bosnia to open the military alliance doors.

So, Bosnia will chip in an infantry unit to join the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan. 

NATO says it wants warmer ties with Russian.  Expanding the alliance closer to Russia's borders won't get them.

Russia's military lists NATO expansion and its attempt to rebirth itself as global policemen as the number one threat to Russia. 

That, according to Russia's new Military doctrine, which can be viewed here (unfortunately only in Russian). 

Thanks to Rick Rozoff, here are a few of the more salient points:

- The goal of NATO to arrogate to itself the assumption of global functions in violation of international law, and to expand the military infrastructure of NATO nations to Russia’s borders including through expansion of the bloc

- Attempts to destabilize the situation in individual states and regions and the undermining of strategic stability

- The deployment of military contingents of foreign states (and blocs) on territories neighboring Russia and its allies, as well as in adjacent waters

- The establishment and deployment of strategic missile defense systems that undermine global stability and violate the balance of forces in the nuclear field, as well as the militarization of outer space and the deployment of strategic non-nuclear systems precision weapons

Russia delayed releasing the military doctrine, out of deferrence to negotiations on the new nuclear arms reduction treaty.

But when Romania decided to accept U.S. interceptor missiles as part of the U.S. missile defense shield, the Russians issued the doctrine.

Rozoff sums up well what NATO and Washington have wrought in Europe since the end of the Cold War.  

Twenty years afterward, with no Soviet Union, no Warsaw Pact and a greatly diminished and truncated Russia, the United States and NATO have militarized Europe to an unprecedented degree – in fact subordinating almost the entire continent under a Washington-dominated military bloc – and have launched the most extensive combat offensive in South Asia in what is already the longest war in the world.

Of 44 nations in Europe and the Caucasus (excluding microstates and the NATO pseudo-state of Kosovo), only six – Belarus, Cyprus, Malta, Moldova, Russia and Serbia – have escaped having their citizens conscripted by NATO for deployment to the Afghan war front. That number will soon shrink yet further.

Of those 44 countries, only two – Cyprus and Russia – are not members of NATO or its Partnership for Peace transitional program and Cyprus is under intense pressure to join the second.

Even the peacenik Obama doesn't flinch about expanding NATO, despite his Nobel and alleged left-wing bonafides.

Obama has said is it important to "send a clear signal throughout Europe that we are going to continue to abide by the central belief ... that countries who seek and aspire to join NATO are able to join NATO."

Washington has pushed for Georgia and Ukraine to be dragooned into NATO. 

The sycophant Georgian leader Mikhail Saakashvili is eager as ever to join NATO, but Ukraine, now under the Russian-friendly Viktor Yanukovich, has officially flipped the bird to NATO. 

But as the Bosnian MAP shows, NATO takes its licks and marches on. 
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