Tuesday, June 15, 2010

U.S. Marines Land On Shores Of Estonia

U.S. military creep continues apace in Europe.  Under the cover of the ever present 'military exercise', some 500 U.S. Marines literally landed on the beaches of the easily forgotten Baltic country of Estonia.  The U.S. military says its' probably a first.  It may seem insignificant, afterall, it was only about 500 Marines, but it is part of a trend to turn as much of the globe's land and waterways into so much U.S. military terrain.Estonian Defense Minister Jaak Aaviksoo said such exercises add stability in the region.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Poland Passes Coercive Castration Law

Parliament in Poland has passed a law making castration a suitable punishment for pedophiles convicted of rape and perpetrators of incest.  Under the law anyone found guilty of raping children under 15, or close relatives, will be given drugs to lower their sex drive.  Chemical castration for repeat sex offenders is already offered in several U.S. states, as well as European countries including Sweden, Germany and Denmark. However, it is a voluntary process.  Poland's law would be the first to make it compulsory, and that has angered Brussels.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Hungary Rocks Financial Markets

It's like an AA meeting with nation after nation coming out of the closet to admit their addiction to debt.  Now it's Hungary, where officials have made some eye-popping assertions to throw markets and speculators around the world into a tizzy.   The new government of the center-right ruling Fidesz party says the country is not on the brink like Greece, but a closer look at the ledger books reveals some grim data.  A spokesman for Prime Minister Viktor Orban set a shiver through markets, saying the economy of the country is in a "very serious situation."  That statement on June 4 sent the forint into free-fall, and dragged along with it other central and eastern European currencies like the Czech koruna and Polish zloty.  But is it that bad?