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What Really Happened To The Kursk?

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For those with an hour to spare, this French documentary is well worth the viewing.  For those who need a refresher on what allegedly happened to the Russian sub in 2000, click here for Wikipedia's version of events.  This film offers a very different take on those fateful days, when the world, as the film's narrator intones, was on the threshold of a third world war.  

BBC refused to air it.  It was shown at a U.S. film festival, but as far as I know, the film has been neglected for the most part.  

Interestingly, a British naval expert who appears on the film supporting the film's theory, was the BBC's main expert in its explanation of how the alleged explosion on the Kursk occurred.  

Maurice Stradling said he changed his mind after more evidence came to light.  

The Informant is going to try to track down Mr. Stradling and get his side of the story.

It's interesting to note, when Stradling did change his mind only one Australian paper, as far as I can tell, picked up the story.   That article is now hard to find.  The original seems to have disappeared at least from the ether of the  Internet.  This is the only link I could find.

For those thinking the film will be a whitewash of Putin's Russia, think again.  The documentary is critical of the cover-up and delays of the Kremlin, saying they harken back to the dark ol' days of the Soviet Union.

Anyway, enjoy!

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