Friday, October 05, 2007

Kosovo, The Coming Mess

The Informant is back, for now, after a hiatus of a few months or so. I will, of course, be focusing on news from Mitteleuropa, however, with a new focus on terrorism, organized crime, and all that is evil. Much attention will focus on Kosovo, which appears headed down the path to 'independence' because that is the fate the powers-that-be, (read Washington and Brussels) want pursued. The two sides, the Serbs and the Kosovo Albanians, have met face-to-face in September for talks. Why they met is anyone's guess. The U.S. has said once a Dec. 10 deadline for the talks to wrapup is here and nigh, Washington will recognize Kosovo's independence whatever the outcome of the current 'negotiations.' So, what motive exactly do the Kosovo Albanians have to negotiate, to compromise? None. All they have to do is run out the clock and they've got what they want. And what could come after could be ugly. Take this Reuters report It quotes a Croatian daily that says U.S. officials have asked the Croats to accomodate a wave of refugees, and make sure this human refuse doesn't soil the doors of EU territory. I embellish a bit, but that's what the Croat paper reports. Though Croatia doesn't border Kosovo, the eye-popping quality of the report is that U.S. adminstration guys know that should Kosovo declare independence, all hell will break loose.

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